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Sharyn Tormanen

I'm so glad you shared - my eyes were all sweaty for the first few minutes. I loved how got back into the hug rotation every few hugs. :) Welcome home Taylor!

Rebecca Pospical

So very sweet! I couldn't watcht the whole thing! Missionary callings, farewells and homecomings get me every time! Congratulations and welcome home to your missionary!!

Krystyna Salvetta

Thanks for sharing, Wendy. I cried for 13 minutes! At first it was about the homecoming, the thought that you hadn't seen your son for 2 years. THEN, and this will sound a bit strange... I don't know you or your family, but I've been a reader for several years. You counted down the days to Taylor's return with so many great photos and I was thinking of him as a young boy. But I watched him hug his family - he's a young MAN, and now I feel really old! SO glad he's home with you - thanks for sharing!

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