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These little poof flowers are ADORABLE!!! I came here from Dawn McVey's blog and she used them on a card. I am definitely going to make some of these!!


I love the beautiful flower arrangement you made!!! I definitely going to try to make some flowers, they are super cute!!!! Thanks for sharing!


Gorgeous! I love this bouquet! I found you blog from Dawn McVey's blog, and I can't wait to give it a try.


These are absolutely adorable! I need to try these for a card. Thanks for the tutorial.


Thank you so much for sharing! The flowers are adorable and really easy to make!! I'm sure they'll find their way onto one or another Xmas gift :) Best wishes from Germany!

Rebecca Ednie

Love it! These flowers are cheap, easy and fun which makes em perfect!!


So adorable! How simple and easy and just perfect. Thank you for sharing instructions.


I love these flowers! Thank you so much for sharing them!! Dawn McVey used them on a card and I'm feeling *so* inspired - thank you for starting a good thing :)!


SO fun! I definitely want to make one!



Love it. Love you!

Happy Thanksgiving, sweet Wendy. You're absolutely a blessing I count this holiday and always.

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