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I hope that some of you who were published previously have new books out soon. It would be nice to see a revised edition to The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker - hint hint LOL

If you mean what would I do if in your position that's easy. I'd take a bit of time from myself and family. I'd be totally selfish and attend the MW Retreat that was coming up 'in my backyard' (wink)

Sadly I see the industry changing a great deal if they can't figure out how to make the things we love more economical. I am always shocked when I am in a certain big box store devoted to scrapping/papercrafting and the paper I love is over a $1 closer to $2 sometimes. Unless those enjoying this hobby have an unlimited source of income (and the with the markets the way they have been and with jobs being lost every day it seems - no one is completely safe) they can't continue to buy things at these prices. Granted the LSS often has the same thing for less but it is still a stretch for most budgets out there. The industry has to come up with something that will keep us coming back to them to buy new that fits the new budget reality of many. I am not talking giving us substandard cheap versions but good quality items at reasonable prices so we can save a bit for the more expensives ones.

As consumers we have to balance getting a great deal with supporting what we have locally. Our area just lost a LSS this month and I'm sure we aren't the only area this has happened in. I am an Independent Consultant for a GREAT company but still I urge people to also buy from the local businesses. I realize there isn't much to go around but if we don't figure out how to do this we will not like the choices we have left when things get back to 'normal'.

I pretty much covered this above but economic, NOT cheap/shoddy, products to fit the new reality of beer budgets for many of us with champagne tastes. I want to see customer service become exceptional instead of the mediocre that has become prevelant. Being treated like I matter brings me back even if the prices are a tad higher people. Being treated like I am imposing on the staff sends me and my $$ elsewhere (just ask one of the local restuarants).

Boy didn't mean to get so wordy...sorry you asked yet LOL


I think you should team up with BPS (continue to, I should say!) and teach more classes there - like year-round! You're a great teacher and I'd take anything you'd teach!!

Also, an online magazine sounds like a wonderful idea to me, but I know NOTHING about how difficult that would be to do. It just sounds good as an outsider in the industry!


We miss you, Wendy!

The industry needs to change and adapt as society's needs change. I really feel a mission to convince people of the vital importance of systematic memory-keeping in a world that is so quickly evolving and spinning.

As far as your role in it? You are amazing. You have such a gift for connecting with people and being genuine. I have no doubt that the opportunities will find YOU.

I am really sad that I don't see you as often as I used to. We must get together!

Love you, Beth

Ami Pilon

I am hoping that as the economy picks up, a new Simple will emerge. Perhaps an online magazine with specialty books in print. I wish each and everyone of you an amazing future and hope to see you on your blogs regularly.

Melony Wells

I think all of you Simple folk are carrying on despite the end of the magazine. Your blogs, Big Picture Scrapbooking, and your wonderful books continue to inspire and educate us with the Simple Scrapbooking way. I don't feel lost without the magazine because the talent and creative genius behind it are not gone at all, you're all out here still giving us what we need and that's your time. And I just know that you savvy ladies will come up with some great ideas on how to share the Simple way :)


I think scrapbooking is getting back to its roots of storytelling over trendy products. You know collecting memorabilia, photos, and the stories behind the photos. Don't get me wrong there is nothing more fun than new product, but with the economy it's content not stuff that counts in life. So Simple is truly where it's at.

I also see things going digital and online. I love BPS! I love that I can go check into a class at my convenience and post things on message boards, rather than having to go to a class.

I just learned that Scrapbook Trends is publishing digitally now and it's gorgeous. I love that I can still look at everything, but print what I want if I want.

I think subscription newsletters or blogs will win out over magazines as well.

So keep on keeping on!


Sniff. Thank you for all your wonderful support over the last four + years, Wendy.

Roberta Philbrick

Wow Wendy...this is very emotional...it's hard to "hear" people's advice when you are in this situation...after all you are "in mourning". That is you are mourning the loss of a "way of life" which is what happens in tragic situations when you lose a love one. The good thing is that this is not permanent in the sense of losing your co-workers as "friends"...you are only losing them in your "daily routine". Routines are so comfortable for people like us who like structure. I thrive on daily to-do lists, deadlines and office hours with the building and the boundries. The only advise I can personally give to you is that to take these first few months to complete everything you had on your list of personal "to-do's"...this is essential because when you have a day...especially when it's raining...then you have a survival tool to grab and get yourself out of your funk. I've been doing this since January when I was laid off and some days are tougher than others...but when I'm feelin' blue I grab my list and push through a task and next thing you know...I'm not feelin' bad anymore. My DH is very smart and he just lays "low" and stays out of the way...and tries not to ask me..."what are you doing now?"...lol
As far as the "scrapbooking" industry...instead of tryin' to fill a need in the industry which as you know can be fickle...spelled?...find something to do that fills your need...makes you happy and makes you want to get out of bed every day! Best wishes for your next endeavor...fondly, Roberta

KarenK in CA

I wish I had some epiphany to share about the future of the fragmented SB industry. With the economy and so many folks going digi and/or video, I wish I knew where it was all heading. I just know I still need my paper and photo therapy on a regular basis! BTW, Simple Rocks!!


I've absolutely loved Simple. That and National Geographic were my 2 non-industry subscriptions. I think that the trend in the industry is going to be toward digital/ online. I love to do both digital and traditional layouts, and I'll really miss it if all the LSSs go out of business

BPS is a good example of this direction. I hope you'll be doing more classes for them. I loved your GOBI class last year. I also love the books like GOBI, and Stacy's books. They're a continual inspiration.

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