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I LOVE Orla Keily's designs (and the Modern Flora fabrics). Can't wait to see if any of the manufacturers have jumped on those yet.



Her designs remind me of American Crafts paper.


Wendy -
Love this motif too, but wanted to see how you're doing minus your gall bladder!? I went through this myself not long ago, and the discomfort prior to having the surgery was NO FUN!! I'm happy to report that things have been just fine since, and I'm hoping for the same for you. Take care.

Terry in KS


The designs look a lot like SEI's Madera Island and Black Orchid (exclusive to Michael's), although the Orla Keily colors are more fun.


I have an Orla Keily wallet and I love it! It was on the spendy side for me, but I have used it everyday for over 2 years and you can't tell at all! Great value for the cost in my opinion. I really hope to get a bag or something bigger this year for Christmas.


oh my. visual treats. wouldn't it be awesome if there was something like this at cha? maybe someone ought to talk to jessica about designing a line of paper or orla for that matter!

emily pitts

i could see that as a tinkering line too. pretty.


yes, october afternoon has a stamp set coming out with this image on it.

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