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katie scott

I love this list (I'm going to copy & paste it & put it on a page) - this stuff is stuff I want to remember too.


Wendy, that's beautiful! Your thoughts really capture Stacy to a T. She's amazing; you're amazing. I feel so lucky to work with you both!


That was a beautiful post. How nice to see so many of Stacey's wisdoms in one place. Congrats to Stacey...I'm sure it's just 'bigger and better' for her in the future.

Lisa D

Awesome list Wendy!! I thank my lucky stars often that I get to work with Stacy, she has changed the way I see so many things in my life, and I will forever be grateful for that!


I live in the twin cities are of MPLS, pretty close to CZ. I've never had the honor of meeting Stacy, but am currently in her LOM class, and all I have to say is this. Stacy Julian has shared so much of herself with us, in the class and through her books and emails etc.. that I will be forever grateful. She's changed my life on so many levels.. and I know she will be humble and say it wasn't her.. but it is her. It is.
She has a way of bringing out the best in me.
She has a way of making me see the right and clear direction I should go when it comes to my scrapbooking and preserving my memories for my family.

And most of all.. she gives such joy and happiness.. so much.

I wish I could have her as my friend around the corner.. someone I could sit and have coffee with, and just sit and be rejuvenated in her presence.

To all of you that have been blessed to work with her, count yourselves lucky.. I only wish to meet her one day.. I only wish..



love this - you are sooooo right!


Stacy has change the way I think about scrapbooking. I am saddened to think that perfectionism had me so frozen with fear of making a mistake that I put scrapbooking away for 2 years. Scrapbooking. a hobby that I LOVE! Stacy's approach gave me the courage to make a mistake and brought back my joye de' vive for this craft. Thanks, Stacy.

btw. My favorite layout of yours is the one about Mister Rogers. It made me unexpectedly emotional.

Wendy Bretz

You're words are perfect Wendy.
I don't know Stacy personally but did take a class by her at CKC Buffalo last year.
It was incredible!!
She is an unbelievable speaker and would do it again in a minute!
She is an amazing women in my book!


I love the things she has taught you... and I would like to add one of my own.
Nothing you create is ever wrong as long as you like it.
Thanks Stacy!

Julie Johnson

I'd love to flood the reader gallery with layouts in honor of Stacy! Here is mine:
Thanks for bringing so much inspiration my way!

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