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Awww... your poor boy! That looks super painful! I hope now that he's in the cast, the pain is better. :-)

Your wreath is SO cute! I'll have to make one next year! Just love it!

And such a great idea for those mirrors! I found one cool mirror at the Goodwill, and I spray painted it to match our frames in our room. Then I looked on the back and it had NO hanging hardware! LOL. Ah well. I'll have to pick some up. LOL. :-p

And I LOOVE your word! That's one of the ones I'm thinking about too. That and Purpose... or maybe Productive. *sigh* I'm having a hard time this year. I really like Finish though... I start SO many things I don't finish, and I feel like I'm letting people down... letting me down too. :-( *sigh* We'll see!

Thank you for the inspiration! :-D


Ouch - that looks like it hurt. Love your project list. I've been collecting old frames for a similar project and finally decided to just hang them empty - and love it. The word "finish" is a great choice. Beautiful paper book wreath - I'll be giving that one a try.


I'm glad your son is doing better. I'm doubly excited that we share the same word - finish. Check out my blog on 1/1 to see the definitions I chose. Good look with all you wish to finish!


you always make me giggle. i love your word and those mirrors might be just what i'm looking for - bare wall in new studio. i will post pics soon. it's greatly downsized and really efficient right now. :)

Rebecca Fellows

All three of my boys have broken something during their young lives so I sympathize with how traumatic it can be for mom too. Good luck to both of you!

Love the wreath! Tutorial? Please? :)

Please post a pic when you get your wall finished. I'd love to see.

I think that word is great. Very appropriate for most crafters, I think.

Linda Barber

Oh OUCH! Poor Jacob. Hope he's feeling better. My #2 is our bone breaker. 5 in one year. Thank goodness their younger bones heal so much faster!

Thanks for sharing all these wonderful projects and links, Wendy! Miss you!

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