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I just love the canned tomatoes observation. hee hee. What a dramatic overhaul! The paint is lovely, and the hard work is evident.

Krista Pearson

Thanks! Wendy used the canned tomatoes analogy for us in one of her audio lessons. It was a really fun and informative class! I would recommend it to anyone who feels unorganized or uninspired!

Travis Lucas

Wendy can you come and organize Angie's office? It is atrocious.

p.s. It used to be my office...



I saw this on 2Peas last week and thought she did an amazing job! Kudos to you Kristen, your new space looks wonderful. :)


Oh wow! I love the new space... the colour is fabulous. I so should have signed up for your class, Wendy. Heaven knows I need it! lol


This looks great! Love the yellow. Thanks for sharing, Wendy! :)

Erin Bassett

Looks lovely! The yellow is a perfect pop & really would inspire me to create. :D

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