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Thank you for sharing another totally inspiring re-do!


what a great transformation!!! simply incredible ... gives me some hope ;-) I really loved the storage idea for scraps!!


Great ideas the past few days - thank you for taking the time to share these! I'm on board for your next class, for sure!


Beautifully done! Would you be able to provide purchasing info on the modern style cafe curtains? Thanks!


AWESOME! Isn't it amazing seeing the before and afters? I'll never try of looking at mine.

Katie Scott

wow! love these before & after pictures!

Cathy J

Denise. The curtain wires are from Ikea. They are called Dignitet. The clips are also from there. The curtains are homemade. Very simple to do. They are reversable too.


Okay, this is amazing! Inspiring!


I am absolutely loving all the reorganized scrap spaces. I am about ready to completely overhaul my scrapbook room so these ideas are really helping. Now if I could just find your book I'd be good to go! :-)


Love the before and after photographs.

What a beautiful space to be creative in~G

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